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Stafford and Rural Homes – EWI & Roofing

Stafford and Rural Homes – EWI & Roofing

Stafford and Rural Homes - EWI & Roofing
  • Contract Period – 25 weeks (Aug 2018 to Jan 2019)
  • Contract Value – £1,300,000
  • Type of Goods – Roofing and Insulated Render with Concrete Repairs

The contract involved completing works to 53no. Dyke and 35no. traditionally constructed properties, 88no. properties in total. The properties were located primarily within the Brook Glen Estate, Stafford. We completed concrete repairs to the Dyke properties, complete new roofs and new roofline works, enabling works for render, external wall insulation and render finish, external decoration and new canopies.

Project Overview & Volumes

  • Main Pitched Roofing Works – 35no. properties
  • Render remedial works – 53no. properties
  • Solar panel removal – 3no. properties
  • RWG replacements – 88no. properties
  • Chimney refurbishment – 35no. properties
  • Fascia board replacements – 88no. properties
  • External wall insulation – 53no. properties
  • New silicone render finish – 53no. properties
  • Gas works – all properties
  • Concrete repair to non-traditional properties – 53no.
  • Funding acquired and administered by Jefferies
  • Asbestos removal – all properties
  • Canopy renewals – 57no. canopy replacements
  • All 88 properties were tenanted throughout the works

Project Organisation

Appointed as principle contractor, we were responsible for managing the site safely in accordance with CDM and supplying a fully managed service delivering a high standard of workmanship. We liaised with tenants throughout the process and assisted the client to finalise design/concrete repair elements and develop the specification. We produced a full set of contractor’s proposals for this scheme which was signed off by the clients Architect.

We hosted weekly and monthly site meeting at our site cabins and produced our own reports detailing programme updates, handover information and tenant queries. We used RFI and delay and disruption schedules to ensure we maintained a proactive approach to solving problems. It was very important that our works were completed on time as the scheme was dependent upon external Eco funding, we achieved this through effective planning and management of our resources.

All works were carried out to the highest standards in line with the specifications. The completed works were signed off by the Engineer, Architect and SARH COW. We provided guarantees for the roofing, render and concrete repair works.

Project Outcomes

  • Contract completed on time and on budget
  • High tenant satisfaction
  • Close communication with tenants and excellent customer support
  • Additional variations completed during the project – not adding extra time to the contract
  • Works completed with no snags or no defects raised

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