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Caerphilly County Borough Council – External Works (Hengoes & Rumney)

Caerphilly County Borough Council – External Works (Hengoes & Rumney)

Caerphilly County Borough Council - External Works (Hengoes & Rumney)
  • Contract Period – 8 months (Mar 2018 to Nov 2018)
  • Contract Value – £2,100,000
  • Type of Goods – Roofing, Rendering & Building Works

The contract is part of the Caerphilly Council external works. As principal contractor, we were successful in procuring the roofing, rendering & building works to 174 properties throughout the Caerphilly area over an 8 month period including some properties requiring additional externals works such as chimney removals, asbestos removal and RWG renewals.

Project Overview & Volumes

  • Roof replacement works – 110 properties
  • Rendering (Wetherby Dash Specification) – 20 properties
  • RWGs renewals – 54 properties
  • Gas works – 120 properties
  • Asbestos removal – 55 properties
  • Wall tie replacements – 20 properties
  • External landscaping – 174 properties
  • All properties tenanted during the works

Project Organisation

The main pitched roofing, rendering and all other external works were completed as part of a larger External Works contract on behalf of Caerphilly Council.

A dilapidation survey, including photos was completed for each property and all tenants had the required pre-start meeting with the Jefferies Site Manager and were informed of the works and progress throughout the contract. A property report was complete for each property and highlighted any potential extra works including rain water goods, structural repairs and wall ties that need replacing. All roofing works were signed off and received the required Marley warranty. All the rendering works received the PPG rendering warranty.

Contact with Caerphilly CoW, Project Manager and housing team is daily, and all complaints and queries are dealt with promptly to reduce further risks and improve KPI’s. Weekly and monthly meeting are being held to ensure all works are completed to the required specification and to the programme.

Project Outcomes

  • Management of extra works successful despite unknown at pre-start
  • Close on-going communication with tenants and excellent customer support
  • £23,000 additional variations already completed during the project – not adding extra time to the contract
  • All current works completed with no snags or no defects raised

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