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Energy Efficiency Measures

Saving energy & reducing CO2 emissions

Supporting the UK’s target to meet its global responsibility for reducing CO2 emissions and providing affordable solutions to local communities is at the heart of our business.


According to the Energy Saving Trust, we waste more than eight times the amount of energy supplied by all of the UK’s nuclear power stations combined. This equates to almost a third of the energy we use. The heating of domestic and commercial buildings accounts for half of the UK’s energy consumption and therefore is accountable for more carbon emissions than any other contributing Sector.

To address this global issue, Jefferies believe that improving building fabric is the single most important factor in reducing heat loss. Government statistics indicate the vast majority of homes in the UK are inadequately insulated. Reducing the amount of heat escaping from our homes will save money on our heating bills, reduce our energy requirements and in turn protect our environment.


As a business Jefferies provide External Wall and Loft Insulation solutions to the domestic housing market (Private Owners and Social Landlords) and to date we have insulated over 3,000 dwellings. We have installed EWI to a vast selection of house types from traditional build to no-trad homes such as Wimpey No-fines, BISF’s, Smiths and Cornish.


We are also able to bring ECO funding to clients having secured funding through one of the largest providers in the UK. We offer a fully managed service for our customers meaning we take the hassle away from them and ensure fully compliant submissions at all times.


In addition to insulation measures, we are accredited heating and heating control installers and have the expertise within our business to provide the very best advice on heating your home effectively and efficiently.

Free advice & help with costs

The cost to install energy saving measures can vary significantly. At Jefferies we can provide free advice on how best to improve your home achieving best value for money. We also have links with a number of grant organisations and have access to funding to assist where possible.


Find out more about the costs & benefits of energy saving measures.

Customer feedback

  • “Jefferies have proven themselves professional, with personable and proactive Site Management. They have been responsive to issues and change requirements and willing to adapt to tenant needs, which is very important to us as a client.”

    Caerphilly Council
  • “Jefferies Contractors Ltd has operated on various sites concurrently and it is with confidence that I can report that their sites are well managed, with a strong site management presence. The delivery teams on site have been considerate and courteous throughout, ensuring that our tenants are as comfortable as possible during the works process.”


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