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Sandwell EWI

Sandwell EWI

  • Client : Sandwell Council
  • Location : Sandwell
  • Value : £500,000
  • Commencement Date : November 2015
  • Duration : 7 months
  • Works Carried Out : EWI and Structural repairs

We were contracted to supply and install external wall insulation to 85 properties.

The properties were a mix of BISF, Smiths and Cornish non-traditional properties and therefore required a level of design before commencing due to the different preparation and install method per house type.

We also liaised with a structural engineer to ensure the suitability of EWI onto the existing structures and to identify whether there were any structural repairs required before works commenced. Where structural repairs were required we managed the process of repair and ensured all were suitably ready for the EWI works to begin.

The scheme was an ECO funded scheme and we carried out our installation in compliance with PAS2030. We managed the provision of warranties and worked closely with the client on the coordination of paperwork required by the funding agent to ensure the maximum amount of funding was achieved.

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