Property Refurbishment

Throughout our history, we have worked in over 6,000 tenanted homes. The works we undertake range from kitchen and bathroom replacements, full rewire and heating upgrades, disabled adaptation works and whole house renovations.

Working with & involving tenants at every stage

Refurbishment work is very demanding as many of the properties we work in are tenanted. This presents us with challenges relating to health and safety, dealing with venerable tenants and maintaining tenants' living space during the works.

Throughout the process we have a duty of care to tenants to ensure works are carried out safely, securely and with as little disruption as possible. To enable us to do this we always give tenants as much information as possible prior to commencement. Providing sufficient notice to enable tenants to prepare for when the work takes place is a key factor. From our experience it is important to involve the tenant from the outset so they have a good understanding of what to expect, the time periods involved and how their daily routine will be affected. Good communication in advance limits any confusion later on down the line.

Ensuring tenant satisfaction

Ensuring residents are safe, happy and comfortable throughout the process is our number one priority. To achieve this we employ directly, teams of multi-disciplinary operatives who work together seamlessly to maximise productivity and reduce the time taken in each home. All of our operatives are briefed on the work content prior to starting and will display ID badges on arrival. We demand from our workmen that they be polite and courteous at all times and should always avoid unnecessary confrontations. From day one we respect the tenants' property and their well being, we always put down protection to floors and tenants' belongings and use doorway barriers to seal off work areas to protect the customer from potential hazards.

Throughout the whole delivery process we will keep disruption to the tenant to a minimum. We will always leave a property clean and tidy, store equipment safely and will always ask permission to use toilet facilities and power if required. We will never leave tenants without cooking or toilet/bathing facilities. On completion we will show tenants how to use newly installed equipment and will carry out our own inspections to ensure quality meets the tenants' satisfaction.

Jefferies delivers - On time and on budget...

The strength and experience within our workforce means that we always deliver on time and on budget. We have excellent health and safety records and continually achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. We have people who can think on their feet and who are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Some of our refurbishment projects...

RCT Homes, MIP Works Year 5 - Jefferies Contract Value Circa £1,200,000

  • Jefferies Works: Full Kitchen and Bathroom Replacements / Full & Partial Rewires / Disabled adaptations.
  • Location: All regions within RCT Boundaries.
  • Properties completed this year: Circa 600.
  • Form of contract: SPC2000, Main Contract PPC2000.

Cardiff Community Council - Jefferies Contract Value £300,000

  • Jefferies Works: Full Kitchen and Bathroom Replacements / Full and Partial Rewires/Boiler Works/Loft Insulations.
  • Location: Cardiff Centre.
  • Properties completed this year: Circa 350.
  • Form of contract: SPC2000, Main Contract PPC2000.

Valleys to Coast - Jefferies Contract Value £495,000

  • Complete Renovation of Voids/ Full Kitchen & Bathroom Replacements/External Works.
  • Location: Gilfach Goch.
  • Properties completed this year: Circa 100.
  • Form of contract: NEC 3 Partnering Contract.

Two Rivers Housing Association - Jefferies Contract Value £400,000

  • Jefferies Works: Full Kitchen and Bathroom Replacements.
  • Location: Gloucester.
  • Properties completed this year: Circa 150.
  • Form of contract: SPC2000, Main Contract PPC2000.