Heating Installation & Control

Saving energy & reducing CO2 emissions

According to the Energy Saving Trust, upgrading to the latest A rated boiler can save you as much as £305 per year depending upon your current heating solution. Jefferies are an accredited installer of boilers and heating controls so whether you're thinking of upgrading your current boiler or looking to get the most from your current solution, we can help.

Using your boiler, thermostat, timer, programmer and radiators efficiently is a simple way to cut your energy use and achieve cheaper energy bills. We understand that the cost to replace a boiler can be expensive and not an attractive option to everyone. However, heating controls can be installed at a fraction of the cost to help reduce your energy bills.

Types of Heating Controls

The type of heating control you need depends on the type of heating system you have. The most common types of heating controls we install are as follows:

  • Timer - turns your boiler on or off at set times
  • Room thermostat - measures how warm your room is and adjusts the boiler operation accordingly
  • Programmer - lets you set different times and temperatures for different days of the week
  • Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) - allow you to adjust the temperature of individual radiators and turn them off completely
  • Smart heating system - allows you to control your heating remotely via a web app

Energy Saving Trust Data for Heating Controls

  • Installing and correctly using a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves could save £70-150 and 310kg to 630kg carbon dioxide a year
  • Fit a hot water tank insulation jacket: £20 to £30 and 90kg - 130kg carbon dioxide a year.
  • You can also make savings by using your controls more effectively.
  • Turn down your room thermostat by one degree: save around £75 and 310kg carbon dioxide a year.