Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Jefferies offer a cost effective way to remove/extract faulty retro-fitted cavity wall insulation using the latest insulation technology.

We are OSCAR/STROMA certified to carry out cavity wall insulation removal using our own direct labour and machinery.

Jefferies can remove all these types of cavity wall insulation if required:

  • Expanded polystyrene
  • Loose and/or bonded Urea Formaldehyde Insulation
  • Rockwool Mineral Fibre
  • Whitewool Glass Mineral Fibre

Energy efficiency and cost saving have made the installation of cavity wall insulation very popular in the UK where over 6 million properties (est.) have had cavity wall insulation installed.

Our generally damp climate often brings high winds and wet and icy conditions which can impact on the integrity of brick work leading to gaps opening up in bricks or pointing, and allowing water into the cavity itself.

Cavity wall insulation is designed to insulate the property - and as a natural result it stops air flow. But once the insulation is wet, this lack of air flow means that it is virtually impossible to dry out.

Dampness and cold are then drawn through cavity into the property. You may become aware of this when you feel cold spots on walls in your home or unexplained patches of damp.

This can make living conditions uncomfortable, but the prolonged damp in the cavity could also rust wall ties, which are an an integral structural part of the property. This could ultimately lead to the separation of the inner and outer walls of the property.

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