Green Deal Home Improvement Fund available in FEB!!

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund available in FEB!!

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund is available again in February, last claim was gone within Hours!! So do You have your ducks in a row? Home owners will need to act quickly if they wish to secure funding towards the improvement work. 

Click here to go to the government website to claim your voucher.


How to Claim

1. Get a Green Deal assessment or an EPC for your property.

2. Get and agree a quote from a Green Deal Installation company that is registered with the Home Improvement Fund.  (Contact Jefferies to arrange a quotation for the works).

3. Apply for a Home Improvement Fund Voucher before you start the work.

4.Complete the work.

5. Ask your Green Deal Provider or Installer to fill in the rest of the voucher.

6. Follow the instructions on the voucher to make your claim. You must do  this before the expiration date on the voucher.


Please contact our office on 01443 858710 or email us on if you have any queries.